Tigers Mentor Program

Trading Tigers is also about lifestyle. You want to make money in the market but you do not want to spend all your time watching the market.

What are Index Futures?

Indexes are the combined top performing stocks in a particular sector of a particular market. In the case of the Top 200 Index (XJO) in Australia, these are the top 200 performing stocks based on market capitalisation. The future price is called the Share Price Index Future (SPI). In the U.S. market the Top 500 Index is called the S&P 500. The future price is called the Mini-S&P. These futures contracts allow you to secure control of a selection of each of the top stocks with just a small deposit.

The Trading Tigers Course uses two key Index Futures. They are the Australian SPI and the US mini S&P.

Index futures, unlike any other instrument, have a known ultimate destiny. They will ultimately rise!

Portfolio Defender

Why Do Indexes Ultimately Rise?

Indexes are composed of the TOP performing stocks and they are regularly adjusted to maintain this balance. If an individual stock stops performing, it will be replaced with one that is performing. If commodities are rising rapidly, the indexes will be driven by rising commodities. If technology is booming, they will be driven by technology. They are ALWAYS powered by the best performing stocks in any sector.

Index Futures are heavily leveraged (a small amount of money controls a large amount of money in the market). This means that even slight oscillations in price will have a significant affect in the market. Just $5,000 controls more than $150,000 in Index Futures. This means that they will reward the informed trader and investor handsomely. BUT Index Futures will punish the uninformed and uneducated severely. Trading Index Futures is NOT an easy task – otherwise everyone would do it. The short-term volatile nature of Index Futures is enhanced by the fact that they trade almost 24 hours a day, six days a week! This can make surviving in this market a difficult task.

The Trading Tigers Course addresses short, medium, and long-term strategies for wealth creation.

These are broken up into four key sectors:

  • High Probability Trades
  • Seasonality
  • Market Flow
  • Wealth Accumulation

High Probability Trade

The market is like a herd of gazelles. At times they will run in all directions and are highly unpredictable. However, the market, like the gazelles, must come down to drink at certain times. This is when a Trading Tiger pounces!

Amazingly, there are times that the market must conform to predictable events. These can quite literally occur at specific times, year after year! The average trader will just see market noise. But the veteran will see a pattern that occurs time and time again.

Trading Tigers offers long-term wealth creation strategies. It also offers “High Probability” trades that are completely mapped out for you. You know you will be entering your next trade on 4th June (long) at between 3.45 and 4.15pm and your STOP will be XXX with a target of XXX. Trades are that specific! And you will know why each trade carries a high probability outcome.

High Probability Trades are trades that have had 70% or higher accuracy over the last seven (7) years. Some of these trades have never failed in the last seven years – they have returned substantial profit every year.

Market Flow

To the untrained eye, the ebb and flow of the market can appear random, chaotic, and even treacherous. However, like the tides, they have a degree of predictability that constrains their behavior and indicates overall direction. Just knowing the daily direction of the market can be more worthwhile than you could possibly imagine. While these market forces are much weaker than the High Probability trades – they still introduce a degree of accuracy that eludes most veteran traders of around 65%.


The Australian market also offers seasonal trends that occur every year at around the same time for the same reasons – like summer and winter. These trends can be invaluable in knowing when to trade and more importantly – when not to trade. “Don’t go fishing in stormy weather”

Is “Trading Tigers” for Everyone?

NO – The trading methodologies are unique and they do not conform to popular, less successful strategies in the market. What you will learn in becoming a Trading Tiger may well conflict with other methodologies that you may have encountered. One of the major differences is that it works! However, like all trading, there is an element of risk and the level of risk that the Trading Tigers takes on may not be compliant with an individuals financial goals.

A strict confidentiality agreement is required to become a Trading Tiger. Authors, professional Fund Managers, Financial planners with retail clients and some professions are excluded from becoming a Trading Tiger.

What's Involved

Trading Tigers Course

Duration: 1 Day / Style: Lecture | Cost: $4,440

This course picks up where the SPI course finished. It includes 18 High Probability trades and a wealth of information that you are unlikely to discover anywhere else.

How Long is My Trading Tiger’s Membership?

It is a 12 (twelve) month membership. At the end of 12 months, you may be invited to rejoin the Trading Tigers for 2023. This is by invitation only and membership this year does not ensure membership next year. Trading Tigers 2022 is a separate offering (cost) to Trading Tigers 2021. The cost will be advised prior to February 6 – 2022.

Are their Any Other Requirements/Costs

You will require a CFD trading account, for a recommendation please call Trish on 1300 132 999.

Remember: Trading Tiger membership is strictly limited. Once we have filled our 2022 quota for Trading Tigers, there are no further positions available.

Please be advised: all attendees will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement limiting the use of information disclosed for personal trading only. Investor Centre has the right to decline an application without explanation.

Wealth Accumulation

Cut your losses short & let your profits run!

You already know that the ultimate destiny of Index Futures is UP! This means that unlike other financial instruments, they can be used to increase net wealth and they can be used to insure portfolios of individual stocks and shares. Just using these passive strategies can yield extraordinary returns in even the worst years.

Much of the information you receive will carry over directly into your money management and investment strategies for stocks and other derivatives. If you know that there is a 90% chance that the market will go up tomorrow, then obviously it can be a good time to buy stocks today!

Please note: Past performance is not a guarantee of future success.

These strategies, combined with the wealth creation strategies, can yield incredible returns on a yearly basis.

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